About DDK Consulting

My name is Debra Kistler and I am the designer behind DDK consulting. I have been working as a Designer for over 30 years, beginning my career in soft furnishings and interiors in Adelaide. DDK Consulting began in 2001 on the Sunshine Coast, designed to give my clients a complete design service. Since 2001, I have completed projects on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and beyond.

I can assist you to achieve your desired outcome for your home. Whether it is a total new project, or simply a renovation, I can offer advice or provide an entire decorating service. I provide a unique and personal, up-to date interior decorating and design service, working within your budget, to accomplish your dream decor.

Together, we can determine your design brief as I want to work with you every step of the way. I am able to assist you to make selections from the plan stage, including all information that your builder requires to complete your home, to selecting furniture, artwork and accessories.

I give constructive, practical and informative advice to my clients, to enable them to create homes that are stylish and timeless whilst making the experience enjoyable. I also have a great team of professional suppliers and trades that I have been working with on the Sunshine Coast that I regularly refer to my clients.

My role is to work one-on-one with each client in all aspects of building, renovation, refurbishment and interior fit-outs. A lot of my work is in private homes, although I have also worked extensively in the commercial sector, providing interior design services for professional offices, restaurants and hotels. I have worked with many building
companies, completing the entire design selection for many award-winning display homes. Some of my private client’s homes have also won prestigious awards. As well as this, I am now honoured to be a judge for the HIA Sunshine Coast & Wide Bay Housing Awards.

Each client’s needs are unique and I provide a complete service to clients assisting them with their selections, including:

Selecting External Colours and Finishes

Tile Selections

Kitchen and Bathroom
Cabinetry Design and Finishes

Lighting Selections

Interior Paint Finishes

Carpet Selections

Plumbing Selections

Electrical Appliances

Artwork and Placement

Bed Linen

Shutters & Blinds


Furniture and Placement



I enjoy guiding my clients, holding their hands throughout the building process, and assisting them to make building and interior decorating decisions with confidence. The result is functional, elegant and dateless exteriors and interiors, creating warm and beautiful environments to live or work in.